Difficult Blocks

Are You Worried That Your Difficult or Sloping Brisbane Or Gold Coast Block Could Be A Problem And Blow The Budget?

Not if you choose Nikal Design and Construction! We will help you to understand issues that may arise and discuss your concerns in a comfortable one-on-one situation.

Nikal Design and Construction understand the issues that a difficult block can cause, and we will expertly minimise the cost and keep your project within your budget without compromising the quality design.

Renovations And A Difficult Block

Our expert architect and professional tradespeople have many years of experience in the construction and design industry and can recognise potential problems of working with a difficult or sloping block. We have learnt to work with the slope on the block and not to try to fight against it. Our team take pride in their work and consider mastering a sloping block to be a rewarding experience, with the resulting home being a testament to your own sense of style.

Depending on the degree of your slope, the design may need to incorporate simple split levels or multilevel sections. Our designers feel that a sloping block is an opportunity to get away from the ‘norm’ and provide some inspired design and build ideas. Rather than requesting major excavations and retaining walls, Nikal Design and Construction (as expert sloping block builders for Brisbane and the Gold Coast) would prefer to bring the originality of your slope into your design and provide you with an affordable and realistic option for your dream home. We strive to retain the amazing view that probably attracted you to your sloping block in the first place and we will design your dream home with your views as a priority. Your beautiful and unique home will become a part of the landscape, and it won’t cost the earth!

Nikal Design and Construction are expert sloping block builders in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, and we offer free, no obligation quotes. Our team understand the issues that may arise on a sloping block, such as drainage and water run-off, environmental considerations, driveway access and slope, orientation of your home to suit the block, soil retention, council requirements, and height restrictions.

As a licenced and experienced team we understand, and can work within, the issues that can arise on your sloping block from Brisbane through to the Gold Coast, and we take pride in the fact that our team can foresee a lot of the issues that may arise and takemost of the stress out of the situation for you.

We will need to evaluate your site as we like to get a feel for the land and take in the views from the block, as well as listening to your desires and needs. If you bring your lists and samples with you, we can begin to envisage how you see the finished product and you can sit back, safe in the knowledge that your dream home is in expert hands.

A sloping block will demand innovation in design and with the right construction company the result will be beautiful. Nikal Design and Construction do not consider your sloping block to be difficult, they consider it an opportunity for innovation!

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